Monday, June 3, 2013

Fill #2

I had my second fill on Friday afternoon (1 CC), and I'm now up to 4 CCs in my band.  I can't tell if I notice a difference or not!  I felt hungrier than ever over the weekend for some reason.  I'm getting a little nervous I think.  I haven't lost in 2 weeks, and in the past (when doing it on my own) I've always hit a wall at right around this point.  No matter what I did, I could never seem to get moving again once the weight loss stopped.  And I'm afraid that's going to happen again.  I was hoping that my band would come and meet me halfway, but I still don't feel any restriction.  Send me some patience!

I wasn't great with my water intake last week so I'm really dedicating myself to that today.  I've gotten about 36 ounces so far, which is helping a bit with my growling tummy.  Lunch is over an hour away still...

I did this cute newspaper-print transfer with my nails last night and I love them!  

You just paint your nails a light color, then one by one, soak each nail in rubbing alcohol for about 5 seconds and press a little scrap of newspaper over it for 15 seconds.  When you pull it away, the ink is left behind.  Seal with top coat, or the ink will smear.

Hope everyone has a great week!!



  1. Super cute nails! I hope that fill kicks in for ya soon!

  2. You still have a really low amount in your band. Don't get discouraged. I think I started to feel good restriction around 6 CC's. Fortunately my doctor was allowing me to come in every 2 weeks until I got it right, but it does just take some time to get to your "sweet spot".

  3. I saw that on pinterest and wanted to try it so bad!!!

    I didn't feel restriction until I hit 7ccs or so!

  4. Hollee & Chelle, thanks for your feedback. I think I've been secretly worried that this is how restriction is supposed to feel. No real reason, just that nagging paranoia I get that I'm the one person doing it wrong :)

  5. I didn't feel much restriction until 8 cc (my third fill). You'll do fine; just keep on keeping on.

    Don't you get distracted trying to read the type on your fingernails?