Friday, February 8, 2013

So fresh and so clean (clean)

There's no particular reason for the title of this post other than that is the song currently stuck in my head.  It's been persistent this morning.

I've been making a lot of smoothies for breakfast lately and this morning's was a real winner.  Frozen strawberries, blood orange sorbet, a small scoop of frozen juice concentrate (pineapple-orange), vanilla greek yogurt, sugar-free cranberry juice and ice.  Oh, and a couple slices of banana, because I don't like things that are very banana-y...except bananas.  And banana bread/muffins.  Anyway, my smoothie was delicious and a great way to start my Friday.

I just checked to see what the weekend was gonna be like and the front page is always plastered with winter weather warnings for different parts of the country.  I like that the Weather Channel is here to keep us informed, but I kind of feel like they feed off our fear.  It always seems like they're going out of their way to frighten everyone into never leaving their house again.  I think that, if they were allowed to, they would post something like this whenever you type in your zip code/city:


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