Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On track

Sooooo I went to my appointment with my surgeon yesterday.  I think maybe the one great thing about being a self-pay patient is things go rather quickly.  It was early-mid December when I decided I wanted to get the lap band, and now it's only the very beginning of February and we're looking at being able to do the surgery in about a month.  That's pretty fast, considering this is something that will change my life.  Not that I'm complaining...I feel like I have spent my entire life coming to this decision, and now that I've made it I don't want to stall.

Anyway, I have to get an endoscopy next week, and do a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea.  Once I have those things taken care of, I'll come in for a follow-up with Dr. Scott and he'll get my surgery on the calendar as soon as he can.  The nurse said I can expect to have my surgery in about a month, and I'm estimating more like 6 weeks just in case things don't go super smoothly.  I asked if I should follow any specific eating plan between now and then and he said that I could eat normally all the way up until 3 days prior to surgery, when he'll put me on liquids.  I know from reading some of your experiences that some surgeons prescribe a low carb, high protein, etc. diet for the weeks leading up to surgery...can some of you chime in with comments and give me some advice on stuff that worked for you?  It would be nice to get a head start.

On a completely non-weight loss surgery related note, my BF Charles cracked me up last night.  We were watching a commercial for an SUV that has one of those rear-camera monitors on the dash, so you can see things behind you and avoid hitting them.  So there was a woman who looked on the monitor and saw a boy on his bike and stopped suddenly until he safely passed by.  Charles says "I think I would be so confused by this at first.  I'm so used to looking over my shoulder that I'd all of the sudden be watching this monitor and thinking 'Hey, I really like this show about the boy being run over by a car!  Wait, what happened to my bumper and why is there blood everywhere?'" 

One last thing--today is my little brother's birthday!!  He is 28 today.  Here are some pictures from when our family got together at his house on Saturday

Mike with his beautiful girlfriend Mel


Me and Mel

Mike and Charles

Mike and our Mom

Happy Birthday Mikey, I love you :)



  1. I decided I was getting my surgery in July and had to wait until a school holiday when I didn't have plans the surgery would ruin (October). I wish I had more self restraint in those 3 months. I ate without caring. I just kept telling myself, "It'll be ok because when I have my band the weight will fall off easy peasy and I don't think I'll be able to have ... after."

    It doesn't, you can and all that gain still has to be lost.

    Set yourself a rewards challenge ... if I loose x before surgery I can have a ... but if I loose y I can have ... Make them nice things that you'll appreciate in the hospital/days after.

  2. I acquired financing in September and had surgery in November. I LOVED that part about being self-pay. Making those payments every month for the next 5-ish years, though, not so fun. :-P

    I agree with Sarah that it's important to not go crazy. It all has to come off, no matter when it was put on. Bah!

    But I'm super excited for you that you're on your way! Not too much longer now! :)

  3. You rarely post pics... very beautiful!

    So, the reason for eating low carb/losing a bit of weight before surgery is to shrink your liver. This makes surgery easier because your liver sits on top of your stomach. It isn't necessary, but it helps to ensure that you will have this procedure laproscopically. I was terrified of being sliced all the way open, so I was very compliant.

    Also, practice not drinking with meals. This was a HUGE adjustment for me.

    Congrats, you're getting close!!!

    1. I'll have trouble with the no-drinking-during-meals thing, I already kinow that. I've been trying lately to not drink anything within 20 minutes in either direction of eating. Like most of the things I'll have to change, it will be worth it!