Thursday, February 28, 2013

Quick Update: So THIS is what sleep feels like

Last night was my second full night with my CPAP mask and I must say I feel amazing today.  I have tons of energy and I don't feel sore/achy for no reason. 

I emailed my mom this morning and told her that I really love my CPAP and she thought I said CRAP.  I'm pretty sure she was not only wondering why I was telling her this, but also why the hell do I love my crap so much??  It's called a positive attitude, mom...heard of it?  Geez.



  1. How nice that it's making such a difference already! I hope it will help in your weight loss too. They say sleep deprivation is a factor in weight gain and all kinds of other health issues.

  2. Yay for good sleep! It makes all the difference!