Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2 months

Well I realized in the middle of emailing my boss this morning that today is my 2-month bandiversary!  And since it's a special occasion, I guess I'll post an updated weigh-in:

Starting weight:  342.0
Day of surgery:  329.6
Current weight:  309.4

Total loss:  32.6 pounds

Things I've noticed:

My pants are looser.  I've been wearing skirts more often because all of my pants (which didn't fit well to begin with...snug at the waist, too loose in the thighs) are hanging off me even worse than usual.  For work dress, it's just not very professional.  I figure I'll wait a bit longer, then buy like 2 pairs of pants that are a little tight...eventually they'll fit right, then be too loose, then the whole thing over again  :)  Shirts are easier to wear when loose, so I'm okay in that department for a bit.

I'm feeling more flexible...I can reach further and bend more.  This is particularly noticeable in the shower and when painting my toenails  :)

I have more stamina...I'm no longer exhausted when I get home to the point of only wanting to collapse on the couch and turn on the TV.  These days I totally have the energy to make dinner, do the dishes, then prep for the next night's meal.

I'm less grouchy...I'm normally the kind of person who gets easily irritated with things.  People annoy the crap out of me on a regular basis.  Not that I'm suddenly Mary Poppins or anything, but I notice myself feeling a bit more tolerant.  And actually, more positive in general.  I even procrastinate less...some, of course...but not as much.  I think that says that I'm working on not shying away from facing things.

Confidence...little by little, I notice myself paying less attention to whether or not people are staring at me, and I find that I don't really care as much.  Normally I would always be on alert and trying to make myself as unnoticeable as possible.  And lately I'm feeling a little more pride in the way I carry myself.  A pretty alien concept!!

I sometimes wonder what it would take for me to completely screw things up, go off plan for "just a day" which turns into a week, which turns into me giving up completely.  I've decided it's not worth thinking about.  At this point, the 32 pounds I've lost are proving to be great motivators.  And it helps me when I think about it this way: I'm not perfect...but I don't have to be.  I'm not doing this for anyone other than ME.  Also just taking it one day at a time keeps me from feeling overwhelmed.  Today I did great, I plan to do great tomorrow too...can't wait for tomorrow!!!



  1. Happy bandiversary! My two month is next week and i just realized it today! You are doing so awesome. I'm so proud of you and you accomplishments so far!

  2. Happy bandiversary! My two month is next week and i just realized it today! You are doing so awesome. I'm so proud of you and you accomplishments so far!

  3. Happy Bandiversary, Baby Girl!! I am so proud of you! I'm sitting here all misty-eyed and sniffling. All the things you are describing are the things I've wanted for you for such a long time. I'm so very excited for many more good things to come your way. As we said in the 70s, "keep on truckin'!" Love you!!!

  4. You are doing great! You will rock this!!

  5. I loved this post so much Mon, I can relate to so many of these feelings. It is like once we start moving in the right direction this huge EMOTIONAL weight is lifted. And I LOVE your attitude of one day at a time, you don't have to get it perfect, you will get there by continuing until you get there. :-) I can so relate to that, too, but you inspire me, because I have those same fears some days - even if I just get a little off track. The all or nothing thinking is deadly. That is what the band is here to help us do - minimize the damage if we start to get off track, and help us keep on keeping on. I know we've said we feel similar about wondering at times if it is really in there (lol) even while we are so thankful for how far we have come. I'm so glad to share this journey with you.

  6. You're doing so well, Mon - keep up the good fight! x

  7. Happy two months! I love your list of accomplishments and can't wait to see what else you can do!

  8. Happy two-month-iversary! Your list is inspiring, especially the improvements in confidence and mood. Those things will help you stay on track. Keep it up!

  9. Awe congratulations! I'm totally in the skirt/dress mode too. Plus they are much cuter!