Thursday, May 9, 2013


1.  I am so proud of myself---11 out of the last 12 days I have cooked a healthy dinner and (on work nights) packed my lunch the night before.  The other 1 day was the Pizza Hut night which we shall not speak of.  Even though I just spoke of it.

2.  I'm still REALLY trying to love cottage cheese.  I put hot sauce, salsa, black beans, fruit, applesauce, PB2, everything I can think of in that stuff trying to make it more palatable to me.  I normally wouldn't really care of there was something I didn't like, but it has so much of all the good stuff and so little of the bad stuff!  

3.  Speaking of cottage cheese, I'm working on a noodle-less lasagna recipe.  Long, thin strips of zucchini instead of noodles, cottage cheese in place of part of the ricotta, spinach, ground turkey and homemade marinara.  I can't wait to try it out!  

4.  I could probably talk about cooking, and all the things I want to cook, in every single one of my posts.  Sorry if that makes ya'll hungry, or bored, or whatever.  

5.  I keep wanting to post pics of the thing I made my mom for Mother's Day and then I remember she reads my blog!  I actually did post it at first and then realized...took it down like 10 seconds later.  I'll show you on May 19th (the day after we get together for MD)  :)

6.  Speaking of pics...although they still all look pretty much the same to me, I updated the Photos section of the blog with my most recent progress pics.

7.  It's my sister's birthday today---Happy Birthday Tori!!!!  :-D

8.  Eight, eight, I forgot what eight was for (name that song!!!)

9.  I saw this the other day and couldn't stop laughing:

10.  Okay, I promise not to do TTT anymore...this is the kind of content you get from me when I try to think of 10 separate things to write about.  As soon as I hit 'publish' I know I'll probably remember something really important, like "oh, I forgot--my band slipped and I'm writing all of this from the ER, lol!!!"  (P.S. that did NOT happen!)



  1. Happy birthday to your sister... that's my Miss T's name. I'm guessing your parents have excellent taste when it comes to naming their children.

  2. Here's a thing about cottage cheese: Different brands taste totally different, and I think it has to have a little fat to be palatable. I can't stand Daisy cottage cheese because to me it tastes sour and disgusting, but I love Lucerne or Kroger house brand 2%, much creamier and less curdled-tasting.

  3. I cannot get on board with cottage cheese. And I also can't get on board with zucchini noodles, though the prepared health food company I get some lunches from really likes them. I'm kind of a baby sometimes. But I do love wonton wrapper lasagna made in muffin tins! (I skip the ricotta since I don't like that either.)

  4. I know! I know! Kiss Off - Violent Femmes. One of my faves from high school!

    You are looking fab, ma'am! I also really love the shirt you're wearing in your week 7 photo. I can totally see the progress.

    I just found out my surgery date. June 7th. It's starting to become real now and the nerves are setting in a bit. My pre-op diet begins May 24th.

    1. Oh my god that's awesome!! Are you more nervous or excited? And YAY for Violent Femmes :)

  5. I think right now I am more nervous about the procedure itself. However, I am super excited about all the changes this is going to bring. I have been overweight most of my life, but it has really gone off the rails in the last four years or so. I will be 41 in September, and I decided that this is a good time to get this whole thing under control. Your blog has been so helpful to me, and I feel like I have a really good idea about what to expect after surgery. Of course… I say that now! I completely welcome any advice that you can give me. I've already started stocking up on protein powder, sugar free Jell-O, etc. I am just so ready to get the show on the road.

    1. Okay, here are my words of wisdom :)

      *In addition to the sugar free jello, popsicles, juice, etc., be sure to get some broth too, because if you're anything like me you will tire of the sweet stuff pretty quick. I use the Better Than Bouillon brand, low sodium

      * Sugar free jello jigglers! You can chew them, which makes the clear liquids phase a bit easier I think...assuming your doc is making you do clear liquids at some point. Not all do.

      * For post-op: your abdominal muscles will be really sore, and holding a small hard pillow against your belly for standing up/sitting down, coughing, sneezing (and okay, basically use your core for everything you do!) reeeeally helps. I was always afraid my incisions would rip open (they won't) and the pressure of the pillow made me feel like I was holding them together.

      * Plan to be pretty much 100% immobile for the first couple days. Take care of any cleaning, errands, etc. before surgery. And if possible, have someone there to help you for the first 24 hours.

      I'll let you know if I think of anything else! And if you ever want to email me with any questions, my email address is

    2. Thank you SO much! I'm sure I will have some questions. I really appreciate all the info!

  6. You are doing so great!! I don't really like cottage cheese much either, I just use a little as a "filler" sometimes. For instance, this morning I had a scrambled egg, some grated cheese, cottage cheese, salsa and guacamole - so it was buried in a bunch of flavors. Or I might throw it into refried beans with all those mixers too, fwiw. Just when I want to up the protein, up the portion, but not up the calories a ton.

    I love hearing your cooking ideas!

  7. cottage cheese is awesome. i like it better than yogurt.

    for your lasagna, i make this alot, and suggest that you salt the zucchini and then grill it to make it less wattery.

    when you use the cottage cheese, you can do half FF ricotta and half cottage cheese with some shredded mozzerella/parm, and an egg as your white layer. thats how my mom taught me--i've been making it this way since i was a teenager.

    i made noodleless lasagna a few weeks ago and used a the cheese mix along with sauteed zucchini/mushroom/onion mix instead of the long sheets of zucchini. i layered it the same, jsut spooning the zucchini saute over the white layer before putting on the sauce. it turned out awesome. good luck with your lasagna project!

    also, cottage cheese drizzled with honey is good. or my favorite in the summer is sliced ripened tomato, cottage cheese and salt/pepper. it's a country summer dinner. :)

    oh, and i saw a recipe that you can make cheesecake using cottage cheese (blended).