Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Things to look forward to!

First off, I finally got in touch with someone at my old doctor's office and they should be faxing my medical history to the surgery clinic today.  One step closer!  Now I just need to get that blood work done...

I'm so ready to just get this show on the road.  It's practically all I can think about these days.  It's finally starting to feel real, and now I can't stop imagining all the ways this will improve my life.  Here are several things I'm getting excited about (by the way, I love lists.  They help me feel organized):
  • Getting up in the morning and not feeling like I've been hit by a train
  • Being able to buy clothes I LOVE, not just settling for things I don't really care for simply because they fit me
  • Not being winded after walking up just one flight of stairs
  • Painting my toenails more easily
  • Being excited about trying new things, instead of being scared about potentially putting myself in an embarrassing situation
  • Seeing what my face actually looks like under all this extra weight
  • Not having swollen ankles and feet when I kick off my shoes in the evening
I think more than anything else, I can't wait to FEEL GOOD.  I spend most of my time feeling sore in some way.  I don't think I have any clue what it's like to not have back, knee or foot pain all the time. 

Also can't wait to get rid of this double chin, or at least shrink it down a bit!



  1. Congrats on the new blog! :) I'll do a shout out to ya soon on my blog. Keep on going...

    PS: turn off the word verification thing please

  2. One thing on my list is breaking up with Lane Bryant! I am sitting at 199-203 right now and can fit in "regular" clothes, but I still find myself drawn to that damned store. I walked through the other day and didn't see one thing that I really wanted and the prices are out-freaking-rageous!

  3. Oh my god, that's a BIG one for me too! Their clothes are way more expensive than they should be (and the quality is sometimes pretty terrible for what you're paying...TWICE I have bought new work pants there and they were coming open at the seams by the pockets within a couple weeks!), and not always my style. Can't wait to be able to shop anywhere I want, not just the "big girl" stores.