Monday, January 7, 2013

The unfriendly skies...

So we're travelling to Philly in May for BF's cousin's wedding.  I've been stressing and stressing about not fitting into a single airplane seat, so we decided to drive.  Yesterday I was pricing airline tickets and we found out that we'll save about $400 by driving over that feels like a victory to me  :)

And now no one has to look at this while I squeeze my rear end into the tiny Southwest Airlines seat--

It's a win for everyone.



  1. Glad you're following me!! I will follow you too and wish you the very, very best.
    The band is a great tool-- keep in mind that you MUST feel comfortable with your band PRACTICE and the way they do follow up before signing on the dotted line.
    You want a responsive practice and you want to be able to get their help without feeling blame or shame. Check these things out as a 'buyer (who is) beware" before moving ahead. Once again: all the best!!!

  2. Thanks for the awesome advice--that's something I hadn't thought about!

  3. Now that is some saving. Fitting into an airline seat with room to spare is one of the very best NSV's though.

  4. You'll be very glad when you eventually do fly and have that seat belt fasten comfortably with lots of extra!

  5. I am supposed to be flying in a few weeks. I am down 50 lbs since my last flight and look forward to not having that panic attack of "will I have to ask for an extender?"

    Best of luck to you on your journey!

  6. I SO can't wait to feel confident that I'll fit. Not only will it be less embarrassing, but way more comfortable than when you're jammed into a tiny seat for hours. Flying sucks enough when you're not 300+ lbs!

  7. I went on plane trip 3 weeks before my surgery 2x I needed the extender and 2x I did not. ..... It hurts but you know what those seats are damn small and not many people small or large are comfy and fit. But I totally get your decision!