Friday, March 1, 2013

YOWZA---I have a date!

I am officially getting my Lap Band on March 15!!!  A whole 3-4 weeks sooner than they had originally planned.  I'm definitely excited about it but it's coming up so FAST...just 2 weeks from today.  I feel like there's so much I need to do to prepare myself mentally.  

Any advice for me?  Things you wish you would have known about post-op, things that would be helpful for me to have at home, or anything else that strikes you?  I would be sooo grateful.

Happy Friday ya'll!



  1. Yay, you have a date!!! I remember the absolute hardest part for me was incision pain when I would transition from laying down to sitting up, vice versa, or when I would try to roll onto one side or the other. Be prepared for that. And prop yourself up with pillows everywhere if that helps you. The other advice I have is to take your pain meds on schedule even if you don't feel like you need them! Stay in front of the pain instead of trying to deal with it once it gets there. Oh, and don't forget to take pre-op pictures & measurements! So excited for you!

    1. Thank you! Now that it's so close I suddenly feel all panicky, even though I've made my decision and I feel confident this is what I want. Excellent pointers, and hell yes about the pain meds---I will definitely stay in front of the pain, no need to worry about that :)

    2. The panicky thing is TOTALLY normal. It's a big change, so it makes sense to panic a little. Just remember that you have lots of support from those of us who have already been there. You'll get through it just fine. And you'll immediately feel so much better after they fix the hiatal hernia, so it's nice to have an immediate improvement there because the band stuff takes a while to see results.

  2. Congrats...I agree with Anna. Stay ahead of your pain. Be sure you have people around to help you out. I was stuck at home with my two kids whom I wasn't allowed to physically move for four weeks. You can do it I am so excited for you!

  3. I was glad I had read so many blogs and had tips on what I would need right after sugery. Some of the things I was really glad I had was: Dixie cups, sugar free posicles, a pill crusher, small spoons, and small hard pillow to hold against my stomach when I needed to cough, laugh, sneexe, etc. My doctor had suggested the Dixie cups because he wanted me to drink 2 oz of water every 30 minutes. 2 ounces is very doable and when you do it every 30 minutes then it's not hard to get all your water in for a day.

    Yay for your date!!!