Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weigh-In Sunday

Starting:  341.8
Last week:  316.2
This week:  314.4

-1.8 lbs since last week
-27.4 lbs overall

Heading back in the right direction!  Even though I knew it was normal, I was bummed to gain back some of those pounds I initially lost on my starvation clear liquid diet.  And I think I'm starting to notice a difference in my face!  

3 weeks ago--

Last week--

Maybe it was just the angle...I dunno.  But I've gotten a few comments from people that I look a little smaller  :)  Awww, my very first NSV!!!!



  1. Yes, I can definitely see a difference in your face, chest, arms, and stomach. Way to go!!

  2. I can see the diff in you're face and neck. Great job!

  3. I think your face looks thinner.

    I also think you look SO CUTE in glasses!! I wished I liked myself in glasses more. :-) AND the ponytails are too cute! I think your waist is more defined picture two, also. Are you taking measurements? You should, since we can kid ourselves (not give ourselves credit) with pictures. You MUST be losing inches, losing that many pounds.

  4. I can see the difference! You're doing great! Especially with so little restriction. And I've been known to rock pigtails myself!

  5. YEAH!!!! Way to go!!!

    I'm with Cheri, you look adorable in those glasses!

  6. Good job! I completely see a difference

  7. You look great Mon! Totally noticable! I love the pigtails!

  8. Thanks everyone!! (I'm still secretly suspicious that it was just a more flattering angle :)