Saturday, March 23, 2013


I'm hoppin' on the bandwagon (or should that be Lap Bandwagon?  *GROAN*) and posting my BYOC answers for you all to...I don't know...enjoy, hate, feel nothing about...whatever you want.  Here goes!

1.  What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?  Is it still on today?

My brother's and my favorite cartoon growing up was Woody Woodpecker.  Every afternoon in the summer, we'd go swimming for as long as mom would let us, then we'd come inside, eat lunch and then make a pillow and blanket pile in the living room to watch WW (and Chilly Willy!) before our nap.

2.  Describe your favorite piece of clothing.

Currently, it's a long, stretchy black skirt.  It goes with absolutely everything, and especially now that my surgery incisions are still tender, it's the most comfortable thing I own.  I've washed it 3 times in the past week  :)

3.  In the hopes of convincing summer to arrive, I'm asking this question: Name a summer tradition you currently have or a tradition you want to start for every summer.

My favorite thing about summer has always been sitting on the porch at night with some good friends and enjoying a few (or many!) beers.  Now that I'm banded, I have promised to stay away from carbonated beverages permanently...a HUGE sacrifice, but worth it in the end.  I'll still enjoy sitting on porch and drinking wine or vodka & crystal light  :)

4.  For all of the newbie bloggers out there getting to know everyone - let's answer this one.  How long have you been blogging, what is your theme and how did you pick your name?  Why did you start blogging?  What kind of blogs are your favorite to read and follow?

Well, I myself AM still a newbie blogger (at least in this community), as I only started this particular blog at the end of December 2012.  It was after I'd made my decision to get my band and was starting on the preliminary steps.  I don't really have a theme...this was more intended to be an online journal, and I quickly realized that it would end up being so much more than that.  The people I have met here have been more accepting, welcoming, supportive and motivational than I ever could have imagined.  

How I picked my name...let me tell ya: absolutely no thought went into my blog's name.  Hate to say it, but it's true.  It was the simplest way to state the point of the name is Mon (Monica) and I'm getting a Lap Band and this is my journey.  There you have it!  That being said, I frequently wish I'd taken a little more time to come up with something funny or meaningful or...something.  But oh well.

My favorite blogs to read are the ones where the author lets you into their life (to a point...this IS the internet, and it can be a dangerous place).  I like to learn about what kind of person the blogger is...quirky, lazy, sarcastic, mischievous, whatever.  And I love PICTURES!  They really brighten up a post and make it interesting, especially when they're photos of the blogger.  Don't worry, I'm not creepy or anything, I just want to stalk you follow your progress.

5.  Summarize your week in blogland and in real life for us.

Blogland:  I've been posting a lot because I've been house-bound recovering from my surgery.  I've gotten a couple new followers and found a few new blogs myself.  

Real life:  This week, real life and blog life are overlapping quite a bit, since I've been posting about pretty much everything that's going on...aka my surgery and post-op diet.  I had to stop taking a hormone-regulating prescription for almost a week because the pill was too big, and that had a more disastrous effect than I would have thought.  There were many times in the middle of the week where I was crying nonstop, at everything.  I'm in pain...I can't eat any real food...I'm stuck in the house...I just dropped the hair is all stringy...UGH.  But I started taking it again on Thursday and I also got to start full liquids, which is enough of a change to help me out of my slump.  I go back to work on Monday, and I just know that I'll have close to 1000 emails waiting for me.  Blah.  But yeah...that's about it! 

That was someone else do it so I can read yours!!!



  1. At least we are going through post op roller coasters together :) one minute I full of energy and happy and the next minute I am almost in tears and feel like I have been beat.

  2. I love that image of playing until you are flat out exhausted as a kid - that is what "exercise" should be. :-)

  3. So glad you did this! Nice to get to know you a bit more :)