Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First Weigh-In!

I've been meaning to get my official starting and pre-surgery weights on the books...here's where I stand so far, but from now on Sunday is weigh-in day--

Starting (3/6/13):  341.4

Day of surgery (3/15/13):  329

Today (3/19/13):  324.8

Total loss:  16.6 pounds

Not too shabby...of course most of that is water weight but it's movement on the scale that motivates me more than anything, so bring it on!

My BF's mom came to visit with me this morning and keep me company for a while and brought me the cutest care package!  A bunch of nail polish, a bottle of remover, cotton balls & pads, nail files & buffer and a pack of blank note cards.  And she packed it all in this adorable decorative box that I should probably use for something cute, like saving greeting cards from people, but will probably wind up storing markers or something.

She is the sweetest...love you, Paty!!!



  1. Welcome to band land! I look forward to following along! Great job on your loss so far!

  2. Cutest care package! I may steal that idea the next time I need to perk someone up.

  3. Nice losses! Don't get discouraged if it slows down here in the next couple of weeks. Oh, and I'm totally coming to your house and stealing your care package, mmmkay? ;-)

  4. Welcome my fellow Saint Louis Band-Mate! I look forward to watching your journey!!