Thursday, March 7, 2013

Need help!

Okay, I really have to call on your expertise here!  I'm talking to whoever may be reading this and has a suggestion for me.

I went in to the hospital yesterday for my dietary class and pre-op testing, and while I was there I picked up some protein shakes and all of my supplements.  I spent quite a bit and was thinking there had to be a cheaper way, so my mom and I scoured the internet when we got home and found some great calcium citrate pills for a small fraction of what I paid for the Bariatric Advantage brand.  

My question to you is...what kind of complete multivitamin do you take?  The kind I bought is $38 for I forgot how many days' worth...1 month maybe?  I'm wondering if anyone has found a cheaper multivitamin with iron that compares to the BA version.  Everything involving this surgery is already rather pricey (self-pay!) and I need to try to find some areas where I can save.

Thank you!!!!!!


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  1. Flintstones Gummies with extra Vitamin C. Love them!

  2. Same as Anna! Calcium citrate is really for bypass patients. You'll give yourself kidney stones taking too much of that. You don't want those.....TRUST ME!

  3. I originally had gummi multi-vitamins until I told my doctor about it and he told me that there is a chemical or ingredient in them that I shouldn't have. (I forgot why he said that). So, I actually take CVS brand multi-vitamins! They're chewable tablets and are pretty cheap. I also take 2 calcium chewable tables a day (calcium with Vitamin D). I believe those are Walgreens brand. I don't mind what brand I use as long as they have the proper ingredients! Best of luck! :)

  4. Thanks everyone! I was SO overloaded with information on Wednesday that I probably only absorbed half of it, then I was a wreck afterwards, like "Shit! I am gonna do ALL the wrong things"

    So glad I have everyone here that's been through it already. <3

    Have a GREAT weekend everyone...I am having a *few* drinks this weekend since my surgeon says I won't be able to drink anything for 3 months post-op :)

  5. LOL how did those drinks work out for you?! 10 days before surgery, it was a very good friend's 25th birthday. We went out on a party bus, and let's just say that I was not even TEMPTED to drink for several months after that night!