Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ready for Week 2

My wonderful mama came over today and took me to the store to stock up on all the stuff I'll need for Week 2: Full Liquids (sounds like a movie). 

I got ingredients for three delicious soups (roasted cauliflower with cheddar, vegan black bean and tomato-basil-parmesan...all of which I can put in the blender), lots of yummy smoothie fixins (orange juice, mango, banana, vanilla greek yogurt, etc.), applesauce, pudding and almond & skim milk.  SO excited for something other than protein shakes and broth.

I also noticed I'm down another pound and a half from yesterday, which makes about 23 pounds total since March 6.  We'll see what Sunday's number says, though...that will be the official weigh-in.  I feel like if I were to step on the scale right now I'd weigh a couple more pounds than I did an hour ago...I just took all my vitamins & pills and I feel so full from all the pills and the sips I had to take to get them down.  It does NOT feel good.  I think my body hates me right now.

My kitty Leo is begging me to get off the computer right now so I can give him pets and snuggles (I have no clue how they're going to cope when I go back to work next week).  I think I shall oblige--this is, after all, such a sad scene:


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  1. Love the cartoon! Good job with your post-op diet! Keep up the good work! :)