Saturday, March 23, 2013


Okay, so there are like a million and a half different pre and post-op diets for lap bands, as we've discovered.  My surgeon recommended 3 days of clear liquids pre-op, then this phase-back schedule for post-op

Week 1:  Clear liquids
Week 2:  Full liquids (blended soup, smoothies, applesauce)
Week 3:  Soft foods (mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, soft baked fish)
Week 4:  Soft-Solids (baked potato, tuna salad, whole grain pancakes)
Week 5:  Solids, Phase 1 (whole wheat pasta, deli meat, beans)
Week 6:  Solids, Phase 2 (lettuce, ground beef/turkey, English muffin)

I'm curious to see how all yours compare!

As a thank you in advance, here's a picture of Buzz sun bathing like a god :)



  1. I didn't have any kind of pre op diet (only liquids the day before surgery) and after surgery my doctor wanted me back on regular food as soon as possible. I did 2 days of liquids (broth, soup, jello), 2 days of mushies (mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs), 2 days of soft (chicken salad, deli meats) and then regular foods. By the end of the first week I was pretty much eating whatever I wanted. I chose not to eat ANY bread, rice, pasta. It has only been very recently that I will eat a very small amount of rice or pasta just every now and then (maybe once a month or so).

  2. Soft diet day before surgery - soup, oatmeal, mashed potatoes - no greasy foods or large meals. No eating or drinking anything after midnight.

    Post-op varies by patient, and depending on if hiatal hernia repair is necessary (that will extend the stages of liquid and pureed foods because recovery is longer.) Patient is not to move to next stage of diet without doctor approval.

    Stage one diet (immediately post-op) full liquids. This includes milk/almond milk for protein shakes, and as soon as you can tolerate it get up to your 60-80g protein a day minimum requirement (and 48 oz water). She's fine if you throw a few pieces of frozen fruit in the blender with the shakes, too. Sf popsicles, sf jello, broth with protein powder, etc.

    Stage two diet is pureed foods (also steamed mashed veg, mashed fruit, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, hummus, yogurt, canned tuna or chicken, poached boneless fish, etc), typically 1-2 weeks post op.

    Stage three typically 1-2 months post-op is regular (soft) calorie controlled diet, moving into all foods as tolerated - with warnings about foods that are likely to be problematic either to successful weight loss, or to the band (greasy, sugary, dense and fibrous foods, etc.) Noting problems with "stuck" episodes with any foods/times of day, and discussing in follow up appointments.

    Pretty similar to yours! (Just not spelled out the same way, but works out to be about the same thing.)

  3. Mine was pretty similar to yours, except I don't think my solids had phases.

  4. I had a two-week pre-op diet where I was allowed protein shakes, salad with certain dressings, and sugar free jello. Week 1 post op was full liquids. Weeks 2/3 were soft & mushies. Week 4 was "regular" diet.

  5. Mine was 3 days Pre-op Clear liquids. Immediately after surgery I was 2 weeks full liquids and mushies (smothies, soup ect, followed by 2 weeks soft foods, and then full solid foods from week 4 forward.