Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I am having some major issues in the form of FOOD CRAVINGS.  This is my eighth full day on liquids...nothing but protein shakes, broth and friggin sugar-free popsicles.  I'm starting to get depressed about it...which, DUH, makes me want to eat.  And honestly, I know that if I ate real food it probably wouldn't sit well and I'd just end up regretting it.  But I can't use that logic to shake my craving for PIZZA.  That's the thing that keeps popping up over and over...Sunday it was a grilled cheese sandwich, but now it's pepperoni pizza with a shitload (that's the technical unit of measurement) of mozzarella cheese.  Just some honest-to-goodness, unfancy, greasy, pepperoni pizza.  

One of my very favorites...Deweys' X-Pepperoni

I may have to go to bed early just to put myself out of my misery.  This is bad.



  1. Oh Mon, I absolutely love pizza! And it seems like everyone is talking about it this week LOL. Hang in there with the liquids. It will be worth it when you get to the real food!

  2. It's super hard and we've all gone through it. Mushies week was like the best thing to ever happen to me after liquids. I thought I might OD on mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs.

    You'll get there. Patience, grasshopper. :-)

  3. Perhaps once you move to blended soups at the end of the week you can attempt pizza soup? Not one of my crazy suggestions this time either. Think of a light tomato soup that you add some Italian seasoning to and maybe a smattering of low fat Parm?

    1. Em, I'm making some tomato basil parmesan soup on Friday that I think will do the trick. I've made it before and it's mahvelous.

  4. soup sounds LOVELY. I've been on protien protien protien. no carbs for almost two weeks for preop. I really wanted some soup today. i hope you enjoy every single bite that you can possibly get down!